The jackpots for the individual Wyoming Lottery games are getting pretty high! The Mega Millions jackpot is well over half a billion dollars, Powerball is getting really close to that half a billion mark as well, and the Wyo-centric game, Cowboy Draw is at an estimated $670,000!

Although no one hit the Cowboy Draw jackpot last Thursday, there were quite a few winning tickets sold all across the state:

  • 8 - $1000 winners | matched 4 numbers
  • 263 - $20 winners | matched 3 numbers
  • 3486 - $5 winners | matched 2 numbers

The winning numbers from Thursday's drawings were: 3, 5, 820 and 43.

The next drawing is Monday, January 11th, 2021, at 2:00 pm.

The WyoLotto also recently released their free app, where you can also check winning numbers and the latest lottery news.

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