Demi Lovato was on hand in London to perform her hits for a small(ish) group of Lovatics. Honestly, it sounded like a giant arena show with the amount of noise the crowd was making, but that's neither here nor there. Before kicking into her single 'Heart Attack,' Demi pumped up the crowd saying, "Y'all are loud! This is gonna be really, really fun because it's an intimate show and I don't get to do these often."

As always, Demi sounded pitch perfect on her rendition of 'Skyscraper.' We honestly cannot get enough of how great Lovato sounds with a live band. No pre-recorded tracks for her -- just pure musical magic! It seemed like there was not a dry eye in the house when the pop star performed this heartfelt track. No wonder she has so many devoted Lovatics!

Lovato also performed the fan favorite, 'Give Your Heart a Break.' She made sure to thank the Lovatics in attendance for making the song such a huge hit. In addition to her older tracks, she also performed 'Made in the USA' and 'Really Don't Care' from her latest album, 'Demi.' Unfortunately, there was no Cher Lloyd for the 'Really Don't Care' performance. Boo!

Watch Demi Lovato Perform 'Give Your Heart a Break'

Watch Demi Lovato Perform 'Made in the USA'

Watch Demi Lovato Perform 'Really Don't Care'