Demi Lovato has one of the best voices in music today, and certainly the best of her fellow Disney alumni. That's why she couldn't quite understand why she had so much less radio success than her peers -- but all that is changing now with 'Demi.'

"I had a moment where I was just like, 'What am I doing wrong? I know I can sing. I know I'm talented. How is it that other artists who don't have my vocals ... (are) on the radio? What's taking so long?'" Lovato vented (quotes via The Miami Herald). "And I realized, 'Oh, it's hit songs. You need hit songs.'"

That attitude helped Lovato pick and choose which tracks to include on 'Demi.' "We didn't want to put a song on there that was an album filler, so we don't have any songs on there that couldn't be potential singles," she said. As a result, she hit the studio with OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder (who's worked with Adele and Beyonce), as well as producers who've worked with Justin Bieber, Maroon 5, Nicki Minaj and more.

Lovato looked to her idol -- and 'American Idol' -- Kelly Clarkson for inspiration. "A lot of the power vocalists ... they get the respect, but they don't get the recognition with hit songs that they deserve to have, and a lot of pop artists are very talented, but they don't have the vocal capability to really carry on those power ballads," Lovato explained of Clarkson. "(Kelly) has that ability to wow you and also get the sound stuck in your head."

As for her goals with 'Demi?' "All I've ever wanted was my music to be heard and for people to enjoy it."

Based on the radio charts, the success of 'Heart Attack' and how catchy all of the songs on 'Demi' are, we think she'll get just what she wants.