With the new year comes new toy, cars, houses, and trends. I've always been a car guy thanks to my grandfather and uncle but nothing to fancy, generally old beat up Hondas and Fords.

Although I've always had an eye for fancy cars that are way out of my budget! Which brought me to look at the new Rolls Royce that is actually being tested out in Jackson Hole Wyoming. Why you may ask? Well because the company says that it is the best of both worlds as you can travel the back roads in luxury.

I think you'd have to put a real Wyoming driver in the front seat of that and see how it looks and handles after an average day in the cowboy state.

Nonetheless, I give you the new 2019 Rolls-Royce Cullinan. Which is named after the rarest diamond in the world!

Oh, and just in case you were curious about the price of that Cullinan diamond let me save you some time. It's on sale for the low low price of $400 million. It would make for one heck of a Valentine's gift though huh fellas?

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