The internet can truly be a cruel place at times; social media even more so.

Makeup mogul, YouTube personality and semi-new Casper transplant, Jeffree Star, has been recovering from a serious car accident that left his back broken and one of his closest friends seriously injured.

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On Tuesday (April 20th, 2021), Star posted a photo of two of his cars from his collection, prior to the accident. Apparently, there are rumors circulating that the his car accident was fake, because he didn't own a black Rolls Royce. Star took to his official Twitter account to set the record straight. Along with the photo, he shared a message that read:

People are really sick in the f*cking head. I’ve been told my crash photos were fake and not mine because Jeffree Star doesn’t have a black car!! If I don’t post something, that means it’s not real right??? I’ve had both cars for months. Let me heal and stop being evil!!!!

Although Jeffree had posted several pics and a few videos of the pink Rolls Royce, the internet was in disbelief because they'd never seen the black one. 

Here's to hoping the online haters, disbelievers and conspiracy theorists give it up and let him heal in peace.

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