Dozer, a three year-old golden doodle, ran most of the Maryland Half Marathon last week.

Unbeknownst to his owners, Dozer broke free of his electric fence and joined up with the road race when its participants ran past his front yard -- which sat at about the five mile mark of the half marathon.

Dozer kept pace with the 2,000 runners for the next eight miles, crossing the finishing line with an official time of 2:12:24.

Then, after he was done racing, Dozer did what all the other runners did and returned home.

For his effort, Dozer got a precautionary trip to the vet (he checked out just fine), a medal from the race's organizers, and his very own page on the Maryland Half Mile Marathon website.

Read on to see a video of Dozer crossing the finish line, and another of him receiving his medal.