What started as a normal family Thanksgiving turned into heartbreak for a New Hampshire woman and her dog Walter.

Kate Olson was in St. Louis visiting family for Thanksgiving in 2019 along with her beloved golden retriever Walter.

While out for a walk Walter slipped from his collar and ran off.

Olson extended her stay by several weeks, printed flyers, and spent hours every day searching for Walter, but eventually had to go home.

Walter was spotted off and on by community members and Olson created a Facebook group called "Where's Walter" to try and find him.

She received just enough tips about Walter sightings to keep her going, but in the end, it wasn't her Facebook group that found him, it was an organization called "Lost Paws Trapping" that captured Walter.

This video shows the ingenious way they humanely trapped Walter so he could finally be reunited with his owner, just 13 days shy of a year after he went missing.

Here is the whole story, including the heartwarming reunion of owner and dog after almost a year away from each other.

Thankfully Walter was unharmed and seemed to have suffered no lasting negative effects from his year roaming the area.

In my opinion, this amazing story with a happy ending is exactly what we all needed to hear right now.

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