Hawkeye did not leave his master’s side, even during funeral services for the fallen soldier. Navy SEAL Jon Tumilson was recently laid to rest after his life abrubtly ended along with 29 other American service members in a Chinook helicopter crash earlier this month in Afghanistan.

Navy Seal John Tumilson and HawkeyeKIMT TV

Hawkeye was Jon’s best friend according to family, and this loyal chocolate Labrador Retriever remained by his masters side during the funeral services held in Iowa.

Here is video from news station KIMT Iowa. The sound quality is not excellent, but after viewing the photo of Hawkeye laying beside his masters casket, the entire situation is too heart wrenching to not further investigate. This video from KIMT tells more of the story of friendship and loyalty shared between  Navy SEAL Jon Tumilson and Hawkeye.