WARNING - This may change the way you look at food commercials forever.

There's a reason magicians say that you're never supposed to "look behind the curtain". Once you've seen how an illusion really works, it destroys the magic.

That's exactly what the people at Blossom have done. In the video (shown below), they break down how certain foods are made to look so delicious and mouthwatering in commercials, but why they don't look like that regularly.

In the 3-minute video, Blossom breaks down everything from fruits, coffee, desserts and pizza (and pretty much everything else in between). It's called elevated food and it's how advertising and production companies make food look better than it normally would.

It makes sense of course after watching the video in its entirety, but that still doesn't make the average American feel better about the treachery. It's like being awaken from The Matrix and finding out everything you believed to be real is all a lie. Where's that blue pill when you need one?

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