This year's Halloween season was marred by threats from creepy clowns across the country, including several clown sightings here in Wyoming.

For the small, but loyal, group of Wyoming Juggalos, anti-clown hysteria is nothing new.

Juggalo is a term used describe fans of the hardcore hip-hop group Insane Clown Posse. Similar to a cross between KISS fans and violent criminals freshly paroled from prison, they were recently listed as an organized gang by the FBI.

Here in the Cowboy State, there is a Facebook group for Juggalos. According to the founder, "I b puttin this out here cuz nobody reconizes the real fam we got goin on here in Wyoming."

Several Wyoming Juggalos are also members of the so-called "True Juggalo Family", including Austin, who recently posted online, "Where my Wyoming Juggalos At?"

According to their creedo, true Juggalos are "down with the clown until they're dead in the ground".

In spite of their rhetoric, most of the harm caused by Juggalos is confined to local trailer parks and the occasional meth lab.

However, some Juggalos have been known to take the act too far.

In 2013, three self-proclaimed Juggalos were charged with the murder of an elderly couple in Arizona. When they were arrested, they told police in Tucson they were on their way to a family reunion in Wyoming.

Perhaps the biggest threat that Juggalos pose to society is breeding.

Take, for example, this 12-year-old boy from Rock Springs, who was hailed as the "World's Youngest Juggalo Rapper" at the annual Gathering of the Juggalos Convention in 2010.

(Warning: this video contains explicit lyrical content)