The Bock Family -- Kate, Sarah, Sam and Lee -- took Miley Cyrus' hit 'We Can't Stop' and gave it a turnt up, Christmas season makeover.

It's their musical, live-action Christmas card, complete with ugly Christmas sweaters and funny lyrics. And every member of the Bock family gets totally into it, with hand signals, props and everything. We are feeling Da Bocks!

The "Can I get a 'hell no'?" lyric becomes "Ho ho," and they espouse the virtues of eggnog, the classic holiday beverage. They're going all night until they hear sleigh bells.

It's a super cute and fun reworking of Cyrus' banger. The melody is in tact, but it's driven by a piano, while the lyrics are totally holiday-ed out.

Forget turnt up. It's Bocked up! This could have been terrible, but it's awesome.