For King & Country is a wildly popular Christan pop duo composed of Australian brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone.

The brothers now reside in Nashville and have won four Grammys and numerous other awards for their music.

Just in time for the holiday season, they have released a new video for "Little Drummer Boy".

The video was filmed in several locations, including our very own Buffalo, Wyoming.

In this behind-the-scenes video, you can hear them talking about why they picked Wyoming.

"Wyoming is a fascinating place..."

For King & Country picked the Buffalo location because of the variety of topography.

From a lake to the prairie, to a beautiful creek surrounded by thick trees they used all of the beauty Wyoming has to offer to create the mood of moving backward and forwards in time.

It's obvious that For King & Country and their team enjoyed their time in Wyoming, and our fingers are crossed in hopes that they make time to come back for a concert or two.

Here is a look at the full music video for "Little Drummer Boy"

I forgot to warn you that you may need some kleenex...or maybe it's just me that found myself crying as I watched this video and listened to their beautiful cover of this classic Christmas song.

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