We hope you had a very merry Christmas this year.

If you're reading this on a new phone or tablet that a very generous Santa left under your tree, you need to make sure you're getting all the best music, entertainment, and Wyoming news with our FREE app! If Saint Nick gifted you an Android or an Apple device, we got you covered.

Some of our favorite app features:

  • Listen to us any time, anywhere (including in the background!)
  • Apple CarPlay & Android Auto support
  • News and Features that matter most to Wyoming
  • Instant weather alerts
  • Contests where you can win big
  • Submit photos, videos, and audio to us
  • Call us right from the app
  • Share anything from the app on to Facebook or Twitter
  • Save articles for reading later (supports offline viewing)
  • AirPlay for wireless streaming from iOS devices

All that and more on our free app. Download and install it now and have a happy New Year!

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