A local resident showed their love and appreciation for our one of boys in blue, when they left a beautifully worded note and Texas Roadhouse gift card on the windshield of his squad car.

The official Casper Police Department Facebook page posted a photo of this awesome local act of kindness, along with a message that read:

While on the Friday night midnight shift, one of our officers returned to his car to find this note on the windshield. You never cease to amaze us Casper. The incredible people of this community are what keeps us going! Thank you!

The note says:

Dear Officer

We just want you to know how much you are appreciated by your community. you are a hero and we pray for you daily. Keep up the good work and please don't get discouraged. There are far more people that support you than not. We are the silent majority. Prayers for you and your safety and for your family. We love you! God bless!

The note speaks volumes of the local support our community has for our first responders.

With everything going on in America right now, it's nice to see our local, often unsung heroes, being appreciated and rewarded. It truly is the little things like this that count.

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