Hank Williams Jr. is a living legend, plain and simple. Through the magic of technology, a press conference interview from almost forty years ago was uploaded to YouTube by a former KTWO (radio and television) personality.

The video from 1980, highlights Hank's affinity for Montana, stepping out of his father's shadow, making a name for himself and why he doesn't like to live in big cities.

Hank discussed the many shows he had done throughout the Cowboy State over the years, including one he'd done on his 30th birthday in Rock Springs. He also had some pretty interesting and candid comments about doing shows here vice bigger areas. He said:

How many people play how many shows in Wyoming? How can you tell? It ain't that many. Let's face it... it ain't. You might play, oh, a hundred shows in Texas in three years. How many you gonna play in Wyoming in those same three years? Not that many, but they're all good!

It's always a blessing when famous people come through Wyoming and it's even better when they have good things to say about this part of the country. When it's a legend, it just makes it even better that this is where we call home.

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