As we prepare for Halloween, here's another one of Wyoming's most haunted places, the underground tunnels of Cheyenne.

When the railroad first came to Cheyenne in the late 1800's, a series of underground tunnels were built connecting the Depot to several buildings downtown. Although the tunnels have long since been closed to the public, they are rumored to stretch as far as the Wyoming State Capital. Legend has it, they are also haunted.

Although no actual ghost sightings have been officially confirmed, visitors have reported hearing strange noises for over a century. The most commonly heard sound is loud footsteps, which some attribute to the boots worn by railroad workers. Others have reported hearing voices in the distance.

It's unknown just how many tunnels exist in the area and access is closely guarded. Local officials have discouraged paranormal researchers from exploring the tunnels due to dangers associated with asbestos, which was used in their construction.