I was almost to embarrassed to share this story, but at this point, I just need to know if it has ever happened to anyone else.

Yesterday (Wednesday, August 25th, 2021), I was doing some light grocery shopping and also grabbing some living room decorations at the east side Walmart location. I was in some very summer, casual attire, including some Nike slides with no socks.

It is worth noting, that several times over the course of the last decade, listeners have been very vocal about me wearing slides (see also: sandals or flipflops) with socks. I don't have the most beautiful feet, so I attempt to hide them in public as often as possible. This particular day, I decided to let them be free... and it was also whites laundry day, so full disclosure, I didn't have any clean.

Now this isn't the first time I've been to Walmart sockless, but this was the first time I can ever remember this happening. As I was pushing one of the little mini carts, I received quite a jolt that went all the way through my big toe.

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At first, I figure I ran over something or it was a freak accident, but then it happened again further along in my shopping. The second time, it hurt so bad that I made an audible sound. As a matter of fact, it was so loud that a fellow shopper asked if I was okay. I still wasn't for sure what had happened. After I got shocked the third time by the cart, I was ready to leave the store.

I'm not sure if it was static from my clothes, something in the cart wheel (since it was only my right toe that kept getting shocked), or some super villain practicing their new powers on me (Electro from Spider-Man, maybe?), but whatever it was, I will never, EVER go without socks in a store, at least not if I have to push a cart.

Has this ever happened to you in Walmart or any other store in the Casper area? Let us know by hitting the "HOLLA" button in the 104.7 Kiss FM Mobile App.

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