Normally beer commercials are all about scantily clad, sexy women and men's men at the bar enjoying a sporting match of some kind. You think of bawdy jokes and blue humor combined with lots of flannel shirts and ass grabbing. Not so in this commercial for Guinness. Seriously, it might pull a tear from you. Who's a man's man now?

I dare you to watch and not be moved by how incredible human beings can be when they choose to be. True friendship, dedication and loyalty are just a few of the qualities demonstrated between this group of men. Watching this will make you want to be a better person... and perhaps enjoy a pint of Guinness when it's all said and done. I just pray this comes from a real story and wasn't made up in some advertising executive's head... Not that I want someone to be in a wheelchair playing basketball, but because I want to believe in the goodness of mankind.