Given the dust-up over Angus T. Jones' comments about 'Two and a Half Men,' it was only a matter of time until someone started asking his castmates for their thoughts on the whole thing.

So someone tracked down Holland Taylor, who plays raunchy matriarch Evelyn Harper on the show. But she clearly wasn't in the mood for questions -- and we kind of love her for the way she handled it.

The 69-year-old Taylor was out for a hike in L.A. when a reporter from Splash News sidled up alongside her to get her thoughts on the Jones situation. After first reminding him that she was kind of busy, derp, she gamely replied that while she hadn't seen or spoken to the actor who plays her grandson in months, she's very fond of him.

"I admire [Angus] and like him. He's finding his way," she said, adding, "I admire all the people involved with my show, and I admire Angus particularly. I don't know what he's experiencing now."

But when asked if she agrees with his assessment that the sitcom is "filth," she rolled her eyes and gave a very Evelyn-like, "Oh PUH-LEEZE."

In between all this, the reporter (who was likely walking backwards) nearly got hit by a car, and she half-jokingly asked if he'd rather endure that fate or one at her own hands. And while she was smiling when she said it, we have no doubt that if the interview had gone on much longer, she'd have likely given the dude a beatdown with one of the weights she was holding.

As she departed up the street, she yelled over her shoulder that if the reporter wanted to know about Angus, perhaps he should find, you know, Angus instead.

Maybe the actor doesn't want to play her grandson anymore, but can WE have her for OUR grandma?