James Franco is a man of many talents. He is an actor, director, (much criticized) Oscar host, and Selena Gomez's friend and co-star in the forthcoming against-type, co-ed flick 'Spring Breakers.' But what may he also be known for? That one time he impersonated Justin Bieber.

In this hilarious, self-made video, Francos's Biebs impression is spot on. He lip syncs to 'Boyfriend,' rocks swoopy bangs and a baseball cap and frolics with Ashley Benson, his reported girlfriend and also a star of 'Spring Breakers.'

This is certainly a lot more salacious than the real video or the real Biebs. And it's a little creepy with the ladies gyrating on a bed in a seedy hotel. Franco is also a 34-year-old man pretending to be 18. That's also creepy.