These guys are biking across the country to raise money for those who can't.

Take a minute and think about how big the United States is. In one day of travel you can experience completely opposite weather conditions and several different terrains. This place is huge! The very thought of journeying across it, even in a plane, makes me exhausted.

But these guys are doing it on bikes for a good cause.

It's called Journey of Hope. A cross-country bike ride with the mission of raising money for those with disabilities. The ride started in the Pacific Northwest and will end in Washington D.C. This week, you may have seen these men, in blue and yellow, riding their bikes across Casper.

The Journey of Hope is a big part of The Ability Experience, the Pi Kappa Phi philanthropy encouraging college kids to jump on their bikes and ride. During the journey, each rides 75 miles a day before stopping to spend time with local groups across the country who support those with disabilities.

This ride raises more than $500,000 annually.

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