"It's back to being the underdog," Justin Bieber says in the new trailer for 'Believe,' his upcoming documentary. "Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands... and fly."

Well, he does do that --fly!!-- with a pair of life-sized wings he wears when descends to the stage while performing! But he means it metaphorically here. Don't cue up the R. Kelly song, okay?

The Biebs' cray cray, intense, extraordinary life is encapsulated in this two-minute trailer from 'Believe,' which is out Christmas Day. It's enough to make you say, 'Screw Christmas,' ditch the presents and the relatives, along with the big holiday meal, and head to the multiplex for some popcorn, Sour Patch Kids, a Dr. Pepper and The Biebs.

The clip demands that you forget the headlines and the rumors. It paints a larger picture of the singer, warts and all, including the paparazzi goading him and causing him to explode.

Judging from the trailer, it is not a sanitized film, nor is it a love letter to himself, which will only serve to humanize the teen even more. Nice work, #TeamBieber.

"They wanted to get a reaction out of me, to make me seem out of control... I learned from that... and when they really see it from my perspective, I'm a good person," he says about the haters in between clips of screaming fans.

The most important quote for Beliebers? His views on love and on them!

"Of course I've been in love," he declares. "I think being in love is the most powerful thing."

Beyond that, he declares, "My favorite part is the intimate moments with the fans. It all started with the fans. So it's gotta end with the fans."

Ya hear that, Beliebers? See you on Dec. 25.