Justin Bieber's good deeds are often left overlooked, but in reality, he is a pretty charitable kid. And get this -- he spent his Sunday, the day most kids his age are recovering from a night of partying with friends, in the jungles of Guatemala, aiding a group of poor villagers and helping them put up a schoolhouse.

The Biebs was in town, performing in Guatemala City on Saturday, Oct. 26. He then hit the jungle to build the school as part of his association with the Pencils of Promise charity.

The teen took a chopper into a remote region on Sunday, Oct. 27.

He posted a video that was over three minutes in length, recalling what the experience was like.

He spoke about it being a place he didn't know existed, full of so many beautiful children, yet 10 people living in a single hut. What he witnessed really appears to affected him.

"It was a wakeup call," The Biebs tells the camera. "Any problem I have is nothing at all. These kids have nothing at all. They have absolutely nothing. No food, no water, no education, and yet we're stressing over little things. They are just so happy...I gotta say that it's selfish of me...but it's the best selfishness possible. I am doing it because it makes me happy, but it's also helping so many other amazing people. I met this beautiful girl named Shelley and instantly we had a great connection."

Shelley was a cute little girl that he hugged and who followed him around.

Good deeds are inherently selfish since they make the doer feel better about themselves. Even so, The Biebs has a heart of gold and he was hands on, building a school. No lip service there.