Is there anything Beliebers won't do to get their mitts on a pair of tickets to a Justin Bieber concert? Apparently there's not much, as a Norwegian show proved in a segment where they had a comedian giving out concert tickets to the Biebs' show with one small catch -- Beliebers had to convert to Islam to claim them.

The two recruiters/comedians had female fans take off their makeup, don traditional veils called hijabs and recite an oath to the religion. They also had to proclaim that the 'All Around the World,' star was "probably gay." Finally, a Belieber named Sigrid was proclaimed the winner of the tickets, but we have a sneaking suspicion that the rapid droves of Justin Bieber fans might not let her live this one down.

Justin seems to have a special relationship with the country of Norway. Last year he sparked a state of emergency in Oslo when thousands of fans overran the city due to a free performance. On his Believe Tour, the date of Justin's concert in Norway coincided with midterm exams. So instead of having kids showing up to their tests sleepy and with minimal hearing capacity (those shows get loud!), they instead rescheduled the midterms and let Beliebers have their fun!