Justin Bieber is 19, so he's still a teenager, but we didn't think the once and former squeaky clean cut singer could grow facial hair.

Well, guess what? He can, as these Instagram videos and photos prove. He has tried this before and it was an epic fail. That hasn't stopped him from his mission of having a 'stache.

He makes funny faces in the video above. Check out that upper lip hair. We're not sure we can handle it.

There's more shadowing here.

And here…notice he is in front of a console in a studio. Does that mean more Biebs music on the way? Seems so.

Then there is this selfie. He is so engrossed in making new music that he is sleeping at the studio. We're sure it has all the amenities he needs, like a shower, food and perhaps a razor and some shaving cream? Hint, hint.

One more. Tatts? Check. Chains? Check. 'Stache? Check.