Justin Bieber did more this weekend than just hang out with his mom Pattie Malette and accidentally kiss a fan on the lips. He also Instagrammed a video of himself pulling a seemingly dangerous stunt: skateboarding down the street while holding on to a moving van -- also known as "skitching."

As soon as the Biebs posted the video (which made it seem like the van was moving at a high rate of speed), fans and critics alike immediately started criticizing the singer for the scary move, noting how terrifying and dangerous it was and how easily he can get hurt. While all of that is true, paparazzi happened to be following the singer in a car behind him, videotaping the entire scene. Their footage, obtained by TMZ, actually shows just how slow the vehicle and Bieber are moving, which is about 10 mph. You can watch that video here.

Still, Bieber's move was definitely a scary one -- and maybe even scarier knowing how much he seemed to be enjoying it, grinning the whole time and egging on his friends, saying, "You wouldn't do this!"

"Ridin down fairfax lol had a great time," Bieber captioned the video.

The Biebs clearly loves to skate, but this one may just be crossing the line.

PopCrushers + Beliebers, what do you think of Justin Bieber's skateboarding stunt? Check out his Instagram vid (as well as the paparazzi footage) above.

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