Instagram just released video capabilities, and Justin Bieber promptly celebrated by posting a quick clip of him shirtless. We are so surprised. (No, we're not.)

Anyways, the Biebs looks very happy and giggly in this video and some people [*cough* TMZ] think Justin might be a little lifted in his first Instagram clip. Honestly, we kind of agree with them. What is so funny about the Instagram video? Is someone telling a funny joke off camera? We want to know.

Justin was also at last night's NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs. When the Miami Lebron James' won the title, Justin took another Instagram video where he remarks, "This is unbelievable!" Really? The team with three of the best players in the NBA won the title and you honestly can't believe it?

Of course, while Bieber is away, his permanent houseguests will play. Lil Za and Lil Twist were both busted by a Calabassas, Calif. neighbor for speeding around the neighborhood once again. When Za realizes he's being filmed, he can't believe it's for speeding and even says that the neighbors were driving too slow! The cojones on this kid!

We have to give the neighbor credit, who puts these two kids on BLAST when Lil Za says he's a "residence" trying to get into his house, to which she remarks, "You're not a resident." The truth hurts, Za!