Amazing x 20 x 10! That's the formula for this cover of Katy Perry's latest smash 'Dark Horse,' which is reimagined in 20 different styles in 10-second songs.

Rock! Pop! Boy band! Heavy metal! Classic rock! Crooner! You name the genre and it's here! This is a truly brilliant mashup of styles in a single song.

The styles are: Katy Perry herself, Nirvana, Queen, Michael Jackson, 'N Sync, Iron Maiden, Jamiroquai, Pantera, Frank Sinatra, Metallica, Pavarotti, The Doors, Run D.M.C., Tech N9ne, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Slipknot, Louis Prima, Boyz II Men, Type O Negative and John Mayer.

Now that's a perfect ending, since Mayer is Perry's ex.