Katy Perry got really cute with her lyric video for her new single 'ROAR.' The clip is full of emoticons, which work in concert to tell the empowering lyrical story. It's super adorable and reminds us just how much of a digital world we live in.

The lyric video also suggests that Perry is super plugged into her beloved Katy Kats via digital means at all times. She's paying attention.

Perry texts and shares emoticons with 'em while in a car -- as a passenger, not a driver, since she's not advocating texting while operating a vehicle -- as well as while in the tub and while working out at the gym.

We love when the icons get angry and make mean faces, and when the texters use the elements to get across the message of "roaring." Point taken!

We almost can't handle how adorable this clip is.

Lyric videos are a dime a dozen -- everyone has 'em. But leave it to Katy Perry to do it a little differently. We love the kitty at the end, too! Stick around for the feline close up of Perry's own cat Kitty Purry! Hear that Kitty ROAR!