It's hard to believe that 2016 is already coming to a close, but it has still been one for the history books. Here's a look back at our most popular videos from this year!

  • 1

    Ride Along With Casper Police Officer Joe Nickersen

    This ride-along with Officer Nickersen is by far our most viewed video. Why it's been viewed over 250,000 is somewhat of a mystery. Is it because of the exceptional commentary, the beautiful Hemi-powered Charger or the awesome view from the inside? No matter the reason... it's definitely a good watch!

  • 2

    Casper Police Demonstrate Safety Features In K9 Unit Vehicles

    Two of Casper’s finest took time out of their collective busy schedules to show us how they keep their K9 counterparts safe from the Wyoming elements, whether it be the extreme cold of the winter or the unbearable heat of the summer.

    Everyone loves a good animal story.

  • 3

    Creepy Clown Caught On Security Camera In Casper Area

    The "creepy clown phenomenon" took a little while longer to reach the Cowboy State then it did the rest of the country, but once it hit, it did so in a big way!

    There was a social media argument concerning the authenticity of this video, but regardless, it's still highly unsettling!

  • 4

    Man Cave Coffee Is Here!

    Coffee and women in bikinis... no wonder this was one of most popular videos. Unfortunately this business is no longer with us. *Insert sad face here*

  • 5

    Snoop Dogg Talks About First Time In Casper

    The Puff Puff Pass Tour was the largest Hip-Hop concert to come through Casper. With a headliner as big as multi-platinum rapper Snoop Dogg, we had to get the inside scoop on his upcoming projects as well as his first time coming to Casper.