Kylie Jenner: Cosmetics entrepreneur. Fashion designer. Feminist. Model. And, now, singer — well, sort of. Not really.

For months many have speculated that Jenner, the rising star of the Kardashian Klan, may also be pursuing a music career in the midst of her very busy, very public schedule. On April 1, when she released "Glosses," the promotional video for her lip products, some believed that "3 Strikes," the Terror Jr track providing the soundtrack for the clip, featured the Instagram princess on vocals. (And who knows! The vocalist has yet to reveal her identity, after all.)

And while Jenner has posted snaps of her singing on sites like Snapchat, we haven't yet had any official track release from or featuring her... until yesterday.

On May 4, a producer named Burberry Perry uploaded a track from his self-titled EP to SoundCloud. Called "Beautiful Day," the Lil Yachty-starring rap jam (which is, admittedly, painful to listen to) features the Lip Kits-hawker on the breakdown of the Mister Rogers' Neighborhood-inspired song. Alongside Justine Skye and Jordyn Woods, also featured, Jenner — Auto-Tuned for the gods —giggles, admitting, "I've never been on a song before!" as she sings the hook off the beloved children's show amidst a flurry of twitching synths and glitching beats.

As one SoundCloud commenter so eloquently and accurately asked, "Is this what internal bleeding feels like?" I don't know, but I think, maybe? Listen below:

To be fair to Jenner, however, while the part of the track she's featured on is a bit of a mess, the song doesn't seem to take itself seriously. The feature is clearly meant to be tongue-in-cheek, so it really doesn't make sense to judge the young reality star's potential music career off her fooling around with her friends. And if this Snapchat of King Kylie belting out Whitney Houston in the car is any indication, the girl may actually have some pipes on her.

Only time (and Kris Jenner) will tell if she's going to cash in on them.

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