A large flightless bird, resembling an ostrich, isn't something you see running around in the streets of Wyoming, at least not on a regular day, but apparently it does happen. Luckily, along came a local Laramie deputy to capture the bird and return it to it's owner.

The Laramie County Sheriff's Office posted a photo to their official Facebook page along with the following message:

Yesterday afternoon Deputy Herlihey was dispatched to 4300 block of Summit Dr. for an Emu on the loose call. She was able to successfully wrangle the critter and return it home. When you go into law enforcement there’s just no telling what you’ll get to see.

In case you're wondering, the emu is the second largest living bird in the world, with the first being its ratite relative, the ostrich. It's very impressive that Deputy Herlihey was able to catch the bird. They can sprint at speeds of about 31 miles per hour!

We often don't appreciate the myriad of tasks the men and women of our law enforcement undertake for us on a daily basis. While some tasks are stranger than others, we sure are thankful for everything they do. Kudos to you, Deputy Herlihey.

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