As it stands, the limit for legal blood-alcohol in the state of Wyoming is .08%. Many people in Wyoming state may not even know this, but we are one of the last countries with a limit that high. In most other nations, the legal limit is .05%.

And now, there is a very good chance that the U.S. may be lowering that level as well. Just recently, the National Transportation Safety Board revealed plans to get the legal limit down to .05%.

Basically, the best rule of guessing if you had too much to drink and if you were at a .08% is to consume roughly one drink each hour. So, in essence, the new proposal would indicate that you shouldn't drive at all if you had even the slightest drink.

At around .05%, according to the NTSB, you begin to have trouble with depth perception and chance of having an accident goes up to about 39%. If we stick with .08%, then the odds skyrocket to 100%.

If the new law does get accepted by our state, the NTSB believes that at least 1,000 lives could be saved. However, it will be up to each individual state to decide if they should lower the limit.

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