Wyoming does a pretty good job of taking care of our working dads, but there is room for improvement.

It wasn't too long ago that the number of men who went to work and served as the sole providers for their families far outnumbered women who did the same thing. Some would call this a traditional lifestyle, whereas today's families are considered modern with men and women both serving as providers. According to WalletHub, two-thirds of families these days depend on two incomes.

But the fact remains that most dads work.

In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that 93 percent of dads with kids under the age of 18 are employed. That being said, some states are better at providing for fathers who work so hard to provide for their families. WalletHub released a list ranking all 50 states on the working conditions for our dads, taking into account child care costs, length of work days, the health of those dads and more.

Wyoming ranked in the middle of the pack at number 30.

Although not cracking the top half of the list, we weren't too far off. One area that the Cowboy State struggled in was the average length of a work day for males. We tied for number 46 and feature some of the longest work days in the country. On the other hand however, Wyoming ranked in the 10 ten for states whose dads have the best economic and social well-being at number 9.

Needless to say, our dads work extremely hard. Let's spoil them this Father's Day.

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