One of our local Casper friends had a brush with TV greatness today. Noah Brown of Alaskan Bush People was spotted at Hat Six Travel Center and I have the pictures to prove it.

If you're not familiar with Noah and/or Alaskan Bush People, here's something for you to check out.

Regina Renee shared these pics on Facebook after she ran into Noah and his family in the store.

Photo courtesy of Regina Renee
Photo courtesy of Regina Renee

Regina shared this neat note about Noah and his family:

They were so nice too! Very cool! The cutest thing was his baby was wearing one if our cowboy hats and when he told the baby to say hi to me he did like a real cowboy and tipped his hat at me!

We love to hear that the celebrities that we watch on TV or movies are also nice people in real life, too. Thanks so much to Regina for sharing her pics and brush with Alaskan Bush People greatness.

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