Kelly Clarkson is an American original, and not just because she was the Season 1 winner of 'American Idol.' The girl doesn't care about anything but belting out songs and as a result, she is super cute and without an ounce of pretense. She returned to the stage that launched her career on tonight's (April 11) results episode. She performed her new single, the rockin', uptempo 'People Like Us.' She also wasn't shy about being an uber fan girl for Mariah Carey.

Clarkson was wearing a glow-in-the-dark dress, makeup and body paint (#PLU on her arm) while she performed on a dark stage as the audience waved glowsticks. It was a Kelly Clarkson rave but instead of pulse-pounding EDM, it was sassy pop. The song has the same energy as her recent hit 'Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)' and it's an anthem for the disaffected.

Clarkson is emblematic of what's right with 'Idol.' Again, America done good when it picked Clarkson as its inaugural 'Idol.'

She was, as Mariah Carey said, "pow."

Those two belters engaged in a major love fest on stage, with host Ryan Seacrest left to break it up since they had to cut to a commercial break because it's live TV.But before they did, Clarkson gushed, saying, "I lurve her" in that adorbs Texas accent.

She also admitted, "I lost my crap," when she was introduced to Mimi for the first time. We're proud of her for remembering to censor herself and not say "s---" since that's clearly what she meant.

Clarkson thanked Carey for not being mean, too. Carey, wrapped in a red, figure-hugging gown, went on stage to give K.C. a big hug and espouse praise, since Clarkson posted a tweet the day prior, admitting she was intimated to perform in front of Carey!