Wales' sea cliffs: Come for the picturesque views, stay for the sight of Mel B peeing on adventurer Bear Grylls' hand.

On last night's (September 7) episode of Running Wild With Bear GryllsNBC's survival series ushered the former Spice Girls' member to the United Kingdom's coast for a beautiful — albeit disgusting — 48-hour stay. As if rappelling down huge stonewalls wasn't trying enough, Bear got an unfortunate literal shock when a jellyfish he was holding with a towel came loose, tumbled down to the ground and stung his hand in transit.

Mel, who'd evidently seen Friends Season 4, insisted that she'd have to pee on the site of the sting to mitigate Bear's pain, which he said was magnifying by the minute (on a 1997 episode, Chandler peed on Monica's jellyfish sting after remembering a documentary he'd seen that alleged the chemical compound of urine could help heal affected sites).

"Do you need me to pee on ya?" Mel very adamantly volunteers in the clip before offering a bit of requisite humility. "This is so inappropriate, by the way."

And, well, wouldn't you know it — Mel drops her pants and has at it, but not after facing down a different type of stage fright.

"To pee on demand when somebody's in pain is very difficult," she said.

Sadly for this duo, Scientific American debunked the theory that urine mollifies pain from jellyfish stings in a 2007 study. In fact, depending on how diluted it is, pee can actually compound pain by unbalancing solutes and triggering stingers to release more venom. So the efforts of Chandler, Mel B and many others were all, sadly, for naught. At least they have the memories!

Check out the clip above and watch the full episode for more of Mel B's adventures.

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