She started playing Hannah Montana when she was just a young teen, which means that 20-year-old Miley Cyrus has been shadowed by paparazzi for close to a decade now. Unsurprisingly, she gets a little tired of it sometimes.

But where some stars cope with their packs of cameramen by hiding at home or speeding around Los Angeles like maniacs, Cyrus recently decided to take out a camera of her own and give her pursuers a taste of their own medicine -- and then she posted the video, which we've helpfully embedded above, on YouTube for all to see.

Given Cyrus' fondness for "shocking" people by "pushing the envelope" and being "daring" and/or "edgy," the clip is disappointingly uneventful -- but it's also fascinating as an example of just how crazy and celebrity-obsessed our press has become over the last 15-20 years, as well as a rare glimpse of the weird relationship that exists between our stars and their pursuers.

When she isn't teasing paparazzi, Cyrus is reportedly working on her upcoming fourth studio album, which she promises will be "very adult and sexy" and will -- according to producer Pharrell Williams -- include some unexpected twists for her fans. She's even working with Tyler, the Creator! Her most recent movie, 'So Undercover,' will make its home video debut next Tuesday (Feb. 5).