The moose is one of the largest wild animals to be found in our area. A full grown male moose can weight about 1500 pounds, with the females coming in at about 1100 pounds. That puts them second to the bison (which average about 2000 pounds for the bulls). That's a good enough to reason to give the large animals a wide birth.

A recent video, that originally took place on August 8th, 2021, shows a mama moose trying to find her calf in the McAllister, Montana area. The two moose had been separated by a fence.

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The video sharing YouTube channel, ViralHog, posted the footage along with a caption that read:

A mama moose was looking and calling for her calf. The calf was stuck on the other side of a fenced roadway. Eventually, they reunited.

All's well that ends well as mother and calf are reunited after a short amount of time. Also, much respect to the person that took the video for not interfering or getting to close to the animals. Often times, we hear (and see), these horror stories involving tourons and the wildlife. This video definitely illustrates the difference between folks that live in Montana, Wyoming and Colorado, and the tourists that have no respect for the animals.

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