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It's that time again! Happy Monday, PopCrushers. We're presenting the fourth installment of our weekly My Confessional Mondays series with Nikki Williams. She is woman, hear her roar.

Williams admits that she is riding the cotton pony and surfing the crimson tide! Our female readers will instantly know what that means. It's a fact of female life. Deal with it! That's Williams attitude and she isn't playing around. The singer and songwriter doesn't care who knows that she got a visit from her monthly friend. We love her candid, open and honest nature.

Another thing we love about her besides everything? That little jingle she sings about Midol saving her life every month. Once she pops that miracle pill, all is right in Nikki Williams' world... Save for one thing.

She bemoans that none of the guys she likes text her back. How dare they?!

"They hate me. It's always the ones that I like, don't like me. Why don't they like me? I'm f--king awesome," she faux whines.

That is one thing we certainly agree on. Nikki Williams is f--king awesome. Text her back, boys.