If you've been thinking about starting your own podcast or video blog, now is the time to take it to the next step. The Natrona County Library now has a studio, with professional quality equipment, that you can learn how to use and it won't cost you a penny.

The official Natrona County Library Facebook page shared some photos of the space and equipment, along with a caption that read:

Our NEW top-of-the-line podcasting equipment easily configures for up to two podcasters, and it's super simple setup means that even beginners can master it quickly and easily. The end result is a podcasting experience that requires the bare minimum of time and effort while simultaneously providing a consistently high-quality result. The best part? It's all completely free! Learn more & book the space at natronacountylibrary.org/studio

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According to the Natrona County Library website, the equipment is very user friendly. As matter of fact, the website states that you only need to follow these six steps to guarantee an enjoyable and effective filming visit:

  1. Reserve the Studio
  2. Watch the How-To Video
  3. Bring a USB Drive (preferably at least 4GB)
  4. Check In
  5. Record
  6. Turn Off Equipment 

Purchasing the professional grade podcasting audio and video gear can be a very costly endeavor and finding a space to record can be an even more herculean task. Having this studio and equipment available, for free, and at such a convenient location, it priceless.

Now there is no reason for you to not to make your podcast dreams a reality!

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