Grabbing a piece of pizza by the slice is a normal thing in places like New York City and Chicago, but until recently, it wasn't the norm in Casper. It appears we will soon be getting a new option for it soon though.

Enter Benny's - home of the Virginia slice.

The Benny's chain of pizza restaurants is very unique. The about section of their official website states:

Benny’s was born out of necessity. Ever since we first opened in 2011 we have provided quick, quality meals at a price that everybody can afford. Sit down, have a beer or take off running. Order a whole pie and feed 2 families. We limit our toppings and we don’t count pennies so everything stays simple. After all, pizza is the best 5-letter word in the English language so there is no reason to overthink it.

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The story behind the chain's namesake is equally awesome:

Benedito “Benny” was a man of compassion, dedication, and good taste. Born in the old country, raised in Brooklyn, Benny spent his youth in the kitchen of Tiro A Segno (the century-old Italian gun-club of Manhattan). He worked under countless Italian chefs and served a generation of city leaders and cultural icons.

Unknown circumstances forced him to leave the city and he landed in a small town on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. He began making pizza pies for his neighbors out of a brick oven he built off his back porch. He became quite popular within the community.

Three decades later and Benny continues to serve his community with his signature 28” pies. He has been an inspiration to us here at “Benny’s” and a driving force behind our restaurant’s personality and recipes. His anonymity is important which is why every “Benny’s” has a different name reflecting the town it is within.

The originality that each individual location has its own surname is actually pretty cool. The Casper location will be known as Benny Montanaro’s.

After doing some online research and checking out photos from other locations, the slices are enormous! Whole pies are huge, coming in at 28 inches! Like the website says, a whole pie will feed two families.

The new location will be on the east side of town, in Plaza East, on 327 Thelma Drive, Casper, WY 82609.

The Casper location is already hiring and the building looks to be complete. Hopefully they'll be open before the end of the month.

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