Somethings are just to cool for words. Can you imagine going to North Casper Park or Washington Park or Castle Park and random dance music comes on? Well this may be a reality soon with the new solar-powered Fono DJ Table.

So what is the Fono? According to their parent company Yalp Interactive's website:

"The Fono is a DJ table, working on solar energy, which challenges youth to share their musical creativity free and make music, adjust and share them via their phone. This version (from the video) has a roof, so all you need is just your mobile phone to make music on the DJ table.


"Fono is a new kind of playground, specially developed for teenagers. Teens care a lot about their friends and want to spent as much time together, just hanging around and listening to music. Fono offers them a new POSITIVE way of being together: a meeting place for youth that challenges them to express themselves in a creative way with their own music.


It carries a pretty hefty price tag at 18,500 euros (around $25,200 in American currency) and so far, there are none in the states. They are however, popping up all over Europe and Australia.

The specs say it's optimized working performance is with the iPhone, but it does support other mobile devices, including just about anything with a external speaker.

I think this would be an awesome way to get more kids outside and active and getting those creative juices flowing. I wonder what it would take to get one in Casper...