There have been some recent studies that haven't placed the Cowboy State in the best light, especially when it comes to dating. As a matter of fact, just last month (January 2022), WalletHub revealed Wyoming was one of the worst states for singles in the entire country.

There is hope though. A UK-based web business that sells sex toys, lingerie and erotic gifts, called LoveHoney, recently conducted a study that rated all fifty states and the District of Columbia, by which place is the sexiest. The good news: Wyoming scored in the top 20!

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Overall, the Equality State ranked at 18th, which is actually pretty good, all things considered. One specific metric that we scored exceptionally high on, was sexual role-play. That also fits with favorite state fantasy, which was adult student costumes (also known as the Cathlolic school girl uniform).

The study did get down and dirty with details, like listing Wyoming's top fantasies and favorite sex toys (for a more in-depth breakdown on our state's kinks, click here), but be warned, it gets very detailed.

While the nation's capital (Washington DC), garnered the coveted number one spot, our neighbor's to the south (Colorado), scored even higher than us, landing in the #12 spot. Apparently, the hook-up (a.k.a. the one-night stand), is quite popular in the Mile High City, as Denver placed second overall for "interest in casual sex among adults who are not currently in relationships".

It's nice to know Wyoming is being known for more than just cowboys and tumbleweed. It's okay to let your freak flag fly.

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