A new, short video surfaced today (February15th, 2021), of Justin Bieber appearing to be working on music with African-born singer and rapper, Kaycyy Pluto, at Kanye West's ranch in Cody, Wyoming.

The video was posted earlier this morning to YouTube channel, Lowlif3 X. After doing some research, the video isn't new, but some unreleased footage from the Biebz visit with Ye back in July of 2020. During that time, West had several famous friends and guests (like comedian, Dave Chapelle), visiting him after what most were calling a mental breakdown. In the new 17-second clip, you see Justin, Pluto, and a bunch of other musicians, rappers and producers moving around Yeezy's workshop.

Kanye himself shared photos of the Biebers visit, as Justin also brought his wife, Hailey, since they were on vacation in their huge tour bus (Justin chronicled much of the trip on his personal Instagram page).

Again, although the footage is from seven months ago, here's to hoping there's new Kanye/Bieber music in the works. Justin did perform for Kanye's Sunday Service. It wouldn't be too farfetched to hear them working together again.

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