There are plenty of things that upset me during the course of a week and the majority I just shrug my shoulders and shake them off, but this really ticks me off. If you feel the need to take up multiple parking spots because you don't want to damage your beautiful vehicle, I totally understand. What I don't like is you doing so near the front.

At a very recent trip to my favorite Casper shopping area I encountered the above. As you can see from the picture, this is very close to the front entrance. THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE!!! If you must be a douche', PARK IN THE BACK!!! My uncle bought a new truck when I was 7-years old and living in Kansas City, Missouri and often took up multiple parking spots to protect his investment, but he instilled in me at a young age to always park in the very back where there were no other cars (and he emphasized walking in the store isn't going to add much more walking time to how much you planned on walking inside the store anyway). My uncle was a wise man.

Ian Delap, Townsquare Media

Honorable mention goes to this lazy @$$hole for blocking in that silver car. Really?! Must we be that lazy?! I'm sure there were other places to park.