It took no time at all for Pokemon GO to surpass Twitter and Tinder as the most used app for smartphones. Maybe that's why the urge to play has hit Casper just as hard as the rest of the world.

Any given time, day or night, you're liable to see many more people than usual camped around Casper's many landmarks. We talked to quite a few people playing the game, some newcomers, some experts (after only a week), but all having fun. There's even a Facebook page dedicated to Casper players from all three teams: 307 Pokemon GO.

For all of you meticulous trainers looking to find every one of Casper's many PokeStops and Gyms, the ultimate map is now available, which includes Casper Mountain, Mills, Paradise Valley and Evansville. Also, local trainers are encouraged to add updates.

Just remember to be careful and wary of your surroundings.