Things just got really serious in Washington when it comes to driving.

Take a look at the photo above. I'm willing to be that none of us would operate a vehicle in this fashion. Ok, I'm actually willing to bet most of us would not drive like this. But I'm guilty of some of these individually. I've never done makeup in the car (mascara wands next to my eyeballs while a car is in motion makes me queasy), but I've had coffee or talked on the phone. Have you?

Better knock that habit quick.

Washington state just passed a new distracted driving law called the E-DUI. The idea is to prevent drivers from texting and driving by promising hefty fines. This applies to when the car is stopped at an intersection light or sign. You will not have to be pulled over for another citation to receive this ticket. The first citation will cost you $136. The second one, within five years of the first, will cost you $236.

Governor Jay Inslee claims that using your phone while driving makes you more dangerous on the road than that of a drunk driver.

It doesn't just stop there though. The new law will slap you with a $99 ticket for other forms of distracted driving. This includes "grooming, smoking, eating or reading." You can be pulled over for these acts if they interfere with safe driving and if you are pulled over for another offense.

A word of advice... Start abstaining from these habits now before the fines come our way. We've already seen a few other states jump on board with this law.

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