Do you remember the 90s? If so there is a good chance you also remember Crystal Pepsi. Well, it is back. I remember the clear beverage when it first came out around 1992. I liked it and thought it was cool just like spandex and Hypercolor t-shirts. Well, thankfully spandex is only popular with bicyclists, but Crystal Pepsi is back for a limited time.

Here at the radio station, we decided to do a blind taste test comparing regular Pepsi with Crystal Pepsi. I was surprised on how close they actually taste, but of the staff who sampled the two, only one person was not able to tell the difference. That one person was me.

For full disclosure, each person who did the blind taste test could not see what they were drinking. I did edit the video for time, but no one's response was doctored. You can see people, like DJ Nyke, reaching out to find the cup. We wanted to make sure there was no cheating.

After the video, Ian said he could tell the difference not by taste but by texture. That the Crystal Pepsi felt thinner. Almost everyone remarked that the two were very similar in taste. What do you think?