Lots of artists get super upset when their music leaks early -- will.i.am scrapped an entire album's worth of material when that happened to the original go of '#willpower!' But Selena Gomez is not one of those artists.

The bubbly Disney alum was actually stoked when her hotly hyped single 'Come + Get It' leaked, and she celebrated with a video for her Selenators.

Gomez filmed the short announcement on a cell phone while riding around with friends, who happily sang along to hook.

"My song got leaked today," she grinned. "My first single -- and I'm actually kind of excited because you can finally hear it! I hope you guys like it. You can hear the official version at RyanSeacrest.com," she smiled, before making a big announcement: It went for sale early!

Gomez caused so much traffic to go to Seacrest's site that it actually crashed.

Meanwhile, TMZ reports that Gomez's single may indeed be about her on-again off-again relaysh with Justin Bieber -- and their sources maintain that she won't leave the boy wonder alone. C'mon, kids -- either make it work or leave each other alone!